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Meet Yashaswini R Dayama, Alia’s friend Jackie in ‘Dear Zindagi’ who is born and brought up in Mumbai and is the daughter of Ramakant Dayama, who is also a recognized television and film actor.

She started her career with various ads like Coca-Cola, Micromax and, Airtel and after that, she debuted in Bollywood as an ingenuous carefree young neighbor of Radhika Apte in the thriller “Phobia”. After that, she got cast in Dear Zindagi as Alia’s cute best friend and seeing her on the screen made everyone want a best friend like her. She was praised for her natural performance.

Last year shot her first film as a lead. It’s called “The Odds”, directed by Megha Ramaswamy.

Everyone thinks that an Actor’s life is full of Fame and Glamor but is it true?

Let’s read about her in her own words:

How did it all start? When did you decide to be an actor and who helped you the most to bring out this hidden actor?

So, I basically started with TV commercials. I had this really short hair that made me look really “interesting” so I did a couple of ads and got called to audition for the two films. I never intended to become an actor, it was serendipity totally. And it was more or less everyone in my life that created this “hidden actor”! My brother made me watch a lot of cool films and TV and I was a Disney and musical addict anyway…so it all came together.


Your recent web series ‘Adulting’ was all about being independent adults and handling responsibilities. How do you manage the ‘Adulting’ in your personal life?

How do I manage?! Barely! Every day is such a battle altogether. It’s tough when you have work, it sucks when you don’t. So I just make sure that I spend time with the correct people and get back on the grind. I just went for a self-financed trip to the USA and I have never been this aware of my money in my entire life! It was scary and so liberating at the same time…

What according to you, was the turning point in your career?

My career has barely begun, so every point is a turning point. Every new project is a step up! Getting a special mention in the Forbes 30 under 30 was definitely great! And I last year, I shot my first film as a lead. It’s called “The Odds”, directed by Megha Ramaswamy, it’s beautiful and I’m really excited about it!

Everyone in the audience thinks that life of an actor is full of Fame and Glamor. Can you tell us the other side of the story?

Even I used to think that! But it’s SO much more…the shooting conditions are always changing and your personal life is constantly pushed as well, you’re questioning yourself all the time. Most of your work has a personal experience or emotion connected and you’ve got to keep bettering and pushing. The Fame and glamour is a fraction of the job profile and it’s great that we have that to look forward to.

My favorite

Book on the shelf: Bridges of Madison County

Actor: Emma stone, Alia Bhatt

Holiday Destination: New York

Movie/ TV Show: Lootera/ Parks and Recreation

Hobby: Daydreaming

What advice would you like to give to the aspiring actors?

Oh, I wouldn’t know, I’m also aspiring! Different things work for different people, it’s important to have faith in yourself, be self-aware and understand the choices we make as actors.

Tell us about your new web series ‘Closeted Comic’? How do you connect with the series?

“Closeted comic” is a really fun show. It’s quite different from what I’ve done so far, it should come out soon and then I can talk more about it!

In most of your movies and shows, we have seen you as a mischievous, bubbly kind of a girl. How are you like in real life?

I am most definitely like that, I have my moments of being utterly careless and stupid at my expense. But I keep to myself a lot, I’m actually very quiet sometimes.

Life in a Nutshell

Show you are currently watching: Westworld season 2

A thing you carry with you always: Earphones

A thing that annoys you the most: Passive Aggression

A song that would describe you: No tears left to cry

Celebration means to you: Dancing away with my best people.

You have done both movies and web series. How is acting in both of them different?

Many things determine your acting experience. The films were by big production houses, so the process was longer and slower. Compared to them this series was smaller in scale, but the stakes are still high. So the hours are longer and more physically pushing.

But both have such a strong reach to the audiences!

How social media collaborated in your career?

Social media drives most things now. It’s the easiest way to get to know a person even before you’ve met them. We all love to pour our hearts out on our feeds, and as an artist, it’s the easiest way for me to put myself out there. No matter if anyone is looking. I owe “the odds” partly to the short covers I put on my Instagram.

What are your future plans?

Aaah, this question sounds like an uncle or aunty! I don’t know, I have a couple of projects coming out soon, they’ll guide my future.


What should be the last line of your biography?

*Drop the mic* Peace out!


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