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When we all were in school, being all dreamy and careless, a show came on our favourite youth channel V named D3-Dil, Dosti, Dance. The show gave us some real friendship goals and we all began to dream our college life to be like that. The show introduced some new faces who still has a special place in our hearts. One of them was Vrinda Dawda Mehta who played Taani in the show. Wish her all the love and luck for her happy married life ahead. Let’s know about her journey.

In a Conversation with Vrinda:

You were a part of India’s most-watched show on channel V, D3. How was your experience with the show?

It was an amazing & the best experience of my life. It will always be close to my heart.

How did it all start?
I didn’t intend to pursue my career into acting, but it all just turned out on its own & I’m glad it did.

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When you work in a show for such a long time you start treating them as a family. Do you feel any such connection with the D3 cast? Who is most close to you.

Yes, we are still the D3 family & will always be. Some memories & people are for a lifetime. I can’t pick one as everyone is equally special.

My favourites

 Movie/Tv Show – Movie
 A song that gets you on Floor – Any Punjabi Song
 D3 Partner – Amar Gowda
 Cuisine in the plate – Noodles
 Holiday Destination – Paris

You recently tied a knot with your love. Any suggestion for the young generation who fear commitment?
Firstly I’m happy & glad that I decided to get married to the love of my life. And there is nothing to be scared or afraid of being in a committed relationship, one should be sure about it. Life still goes on after marriage too.

Who helps you the most to bring out the hidden artist in you.

I guess my Mentors & my inner self.

Life in a nutshell

Things you always carry in your bag – Wallet, Tissue & Sanitiser
Celebration means – being with family
Most overrated Bollywood movie – Ae Dil Hai Mushkil

If you ever get a chance to be in Bollywood, whom would you like to work with?

Bollywood would be a dream to work in. I would love to work with Amir Khan, as he the ultimate perfectionist.

What should be the last line of your biography?

Live More. Worry Less.
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