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NGO’s are an important part of our society. They always work for the betterment of the society and don’t work for their own profit but for the society. One such foundation is Vasudev Foundation.

They had recently started their own school called as ‘Vasudev Free Educational School’ where elementary education will be given free of cost. There is no government school of LKG/UKG in India where children get free education so Vasudev Foundation has taken this initiative. Their main aim is to give quality education in slum areas of Delhi and working on children’s mental development and personal hygiene. They want to aware people who can’t send their children to school due to lack of resources.

They are targeting children in the age group 3-5 and teaching them to read and write, basic etiquettes and proper mannerism, working on both physical as well as mental growth.

They have done a lot of wise planning for this initiative. Two teachers will be assigned to every class. All the students will be given stationary by the school itself. School timings will be short to not burden the students. Students will be provided with healthy and delicious meals. All the students who will do good will be awarded regularly and the sanitation of the school will properly be managed.


Talking about the teaching part, first two months will be given only to speaking skills of the child. After two months, stationary, books, notebooks will be provided to teach children how to write and read.