That time has gone when you have to drive your car all the way from your home to the Car Wash Service to clean your car, now all you need is an Internet Connection.

Meet Devang Raja, Founder of KarKleaners who is revolutionizing Car Cleaning Industry and providing employment to uneducated & unskilled labour. A concept based on Narednra Modi’s vision of Digital India.

How did it all start?

I was working in an MNC earlier and saw that locals who are washing the cars on daily basis are not serious enough, and not doing a justice to work. Though the customers pay them, this unorganized sector has its own problems like unplanned leaves and no quality benchmark. People are tremendously unhappy with the lack of professionalism with local car washers. In mid of 2016, I did an initial survey and found out that 73% car owners were not happy with their daily car cleaning. Looking at the business opportunity, I started a daily professional car wash service- Kar Kleaners (

How is your venture helpful for People and the government?

  • Our concept is in line with our Hon. Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi’s vision of Digital India. While Modiji creates smart Villages and Cities, we want to link them smartly with our App based service.
  • Creating skilled and unskilled jobs across the country.
    • Under our concept of KarKleaners – our daily car cleaning services, we plan to provide employment to uneducated and unskilled labor by creating simple job opportunities across the country
    • Under our Roadside assistance facility, we want to connect vehicle breakdowns with the mechanics and puncture walas faster thereby reducing the overall Turnaround time per vehicle breakdown
    • Our services of carpool will help in reduction of oil consumption across cities thereby reducing pollution
  • Pre-book your parking will help sort out parking issues in various cities and eliminate parking issues over a period of time.

Tell us about the miserable time you face and how did you overcome those problems?

We are pioneers in professional daily car cleaning. I have taken up the challenge of organizing the huge unorganized sector, and hence the challenges that I face are very unique and uncommon. If it was easy, anyone would have done it.

As we are the first runners in the industry. I face regular challenges that have not been encountered by anyone earlier and hence does not have a single rule for success or a pre-tested answer.

Taking decisions in difficult situations can become tricky at times. A lot of these challenges keep me awake at night where I try to find answers to questions, challenges, and way forward for the growth of my company and this industry.

Every day is different, You sleep with something in your mind and when you wake up in morning you have a different challenge to tackle. That’s Life!! Expect the unexpected… Enjoy every minute of it…

Your Startup Funda

The tagline of Startup
Transforming the daily car cleaning in India

To organize the unorganized sector of daily car cleaning

One Line Pitch
Your car’s best buddy – Kar Kleaners

A complete team to you
Single Designation and Zero Ego

One biggest step
To be the pioneers in the daily car cleaning industry.

What are your future goals?

Along with Kar Kleaners expansion to various cities, we will be coming up with an app very soon for our services. We will also be expanding into car care products under our existing brand name. “KarKleaners”. We will also be looking at expanding our business in the car buying and selling segment under the current brand name of Kar Deals and much more. I suggest you keep watching out for this space.

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What advice would you like to give to the aspiring entrepreneurs?

Rather than the suggestion, I would prefer to call it experience sharing.

  • Entrepreneurship is not easy. It is only for the tough ones who know how to keep fighting and never give up.
  • A startup can fail, but an entrepreneur cannot.
  • 97% of the people who quit too soon are employed by the 3% who never gave up.
  • There is no shortcut to success. It is only hard work, dedication, and self-belief that will take you a long way.
  • There is nothing called as ‘failure’. It is only an experience that will make you successful in the future.
  • Live life your way. Sometimes you just need to trust your own madness when no one else does.
  • And finally, do take regular breaks in life. It is important to enjoy life while you build your own kingdom. There is no point in reaching the destination if you did not enjoy the journey. Enjoy every bit of your entrepreneurship. Only the lucky ones become entrepreneurs, rest get employed by them.

What makes you special so that people trust you with something as simple as car cleaning?

We are solving 2 major problems in the daily car cleaning industry – Quality and unplanned absenteeism. Our combination wash concept that includes a perfect mix of a dry wash, sprinkle wash and water wash have been appreciated by our customers as it saved a lot of water and shines their cars brighter.

Our employees (designated as Car Care Takers) make sure that the cars are interior cleaned once every week to ensure hygiene from inside as well.

A Quote or something your team believes in that inspire you the most.

If it was easy anyone would have done it. It has come to us ‘coz we do difficult things.