Food is something which has always been like a basic necessity for our body. We need it to stay alive. Basically, we live from food but there are some people for whom food is not just a need but their passion and much more. So here’s presenting you all the story of Oshy Tyagi who loves to travel and try out new kind of foods all over the world.


In a conversation with Oshy Tyagi:

How did it all start?

It all started very randomly. I always liked clicking photos, editing them and posting it on social media. I never knew where my hobby will lead me to.

What is food to you?

Food is life. A good meal makes my day (usually unhealthy 😛 )


If a guest arrives without any notice. What will you recommend which can be cooked instantly and they can fall in love?

Easiest hack has to be Haldiram bhel puri!

How social media helps you to establish your career?

Social media gave me a platform to pursue my hobby and made me reach an audience that would enjoy seeing my work as much as I love doing it. So many people supported me through my journey which boosted up my self-confidence.

My favourites

Movie/TV show: Game of Thrones
Holiday Destination: Cape Town
Cuisine in the plate: Indian Food
Book on the shelf: Not really a book’s person
Chef in the kitchen: Mommy!

Which restaurant will you pick? If you get a chance to pick any around the world, For breakfast, lunch, and dinner respectively.

Croissant in Paris for breakfast,

Mexican food in Mexico City,

and Italian delicacies in Rome.

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What different skills are required to test a dish apart from just to cook it or take a photo of it?

Apart from the presentation, the food should taste really nice. For me personally, spicy food wins the game.


To give a twist to a traditional dish is fun or a challenge?

Fun for sure!


What one outfit you’ll suggest which looks good always and takes no time?

White tee with denim and heels. #perfect

Life in a Nutshell

Things you never leave home without: Phone and power bank!
A dessert that describes you: Anything with Nutella!
Favourite excuse to get away from things: I’m broke 😛
A thing that annoys you the most: People who come late!
Stress reliever: Click, Edit and Post, It for My Insta Fam <3

What are your future plans?

Living a happy and content life. Also travelling the world can be called my dream.

What is travelling to you? How do you manage to travel different places between your busy schedule?

My eternal love for exploring and visiting new places has made me an avid traveller. Balancing my professional life and pursuing my hobbies is something that I have been doing for a long time. It comes very naturally to me.

What should be the last line of your biography?

Some of it was tragic, some of it was magic, but she lived a good life anyway.


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