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Working so hard and starting their own company even when you have the option to have a regular job is not everyone can do. Saumyaranjan Mishra is one of them. He started his own company called Infocreatives which provides web services to customers at reasonable prices and good services. Lets read about his journey in his own words.
In a conversation with Saumyaranjan Mishra:

How did it all start? What made you start something related to web services?

It was of the year 2009, after searching for various jobs in the market, I failed to get a good one as it was recession during that time. Some companies offer me jobs, with low salary but with payment i.e., they ask me for some security money which will they refund me later on. Here the turning point arose. I thought, if I can pay some company around 2 lakhs, then why shall not I start my own. Then I started searching for projects, instead of jobs. Since I was well known about web technologies, I started working on it and gradually acquired a few local projects in a few days.


How is your venture helpful for People?

Well, our motto is to provide the service in an affordable price structure, without influencing the quality of the service. Since we were new in the market, so we did not get projects suddenly but it expanded gradually because of recommendation only. We provided the best service to one client and he then recommended us to his friend circle and we started getting projects thereafter.

Tell us the miserable time you face. and how you overcome.

I can’t say it miserable because, at this time also, I learned a lesson. Many time it happened with us when people gave us projects with some little amount of money as the advance payment but due to certain reasons like their lack of time to discuss thoroughly about the projects, and sometimes even we were not capable enough to deliver what they want in time, our money got stuck for a large time period and this was the crucial time for me. Because, if you own a company and have employees with you then you have to pay them in time. Same occurred with me as well. I took some money from my parents as credit for a short term and paid my employees. When our billing was done by the client, I repaid back the amount to my parents. After that, I learned a lesson, that not everyone is tech-savvy and you have to take initiation to get the project, as well as the requirements, along with the bill from the client.
Saumyaranjan Mishra, Founder of Infocreatives

Saumyaranjan Mishra, Founder of Infocreatives

There are many other websites which provide the same services as you do. How are you different from them?

We provide more features in less price and almost without any maintenance fees.

What advice would you like to give to the aspiring entrepreneurs?

If you are thinking to Start something then Start it here and now, because time never waits for anybody and in India, who starts earlier, occupies the seat earlier. But, make proper planning before starting.

From where do you get the professional team to help your customers.

Local technical colleges/institutions through a professional selection procedure.

A Quote or something your team believes in that inspire you the most.

Word of Mouth. We are on the market, only due to this. If you serve one customer in the best way, then he/she will make your market. The process may take time but it will definitely give you a consistent growth.
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 Tagline of Startup
  Creativity Leads Technology
 Make the technology available and affordable to all classes of the society or simply, “Technology for all”
One Line Pitch
Technology for All
One biggest step
 Expanding the company to the National level, got certified as a StartUp by the Govt. of India as well as the Govt. of Odisha