From being stuck in his daily engineer life to work with one of the best Vikram Bhatt who wrote the role of Aryan Mathur in twisted 2 just keeping him in mind, Rrahul has achieved a lot in his life and there is a long way to go for him now. He has done a commendable job in web series like Twisted, Twisted 2, Maaya etc. He says that an actor work hard each and every day to get a part and do justice to it and there is a lot more to an actor’s life than just acting. So let’s know about him in his own words.

In a conversation with Rrahul :

How did it all start? When did you decide to be an actor, who helped you the most to bring out this hidden actor?

An engineer stuck in mundane corporate schedules of his daily life, I realized I was much more than what my work-satisfied me. On a pragmatic level, I yearned for little more, little better and peace within. Incidentally, I was asked to be a part of a play which involved my evenings’ post office. I enjoyed doing it, exhausted but happy. It was, then, I realized that acting could be my profession. I took some years to sink the news in within me and then break it to my family.
Mr Alok Ulfat from Dehra dun was my teacher/guide/mentor/ a supporting friend as well who raised my confidence to a level where I started believing myself.
Trained in Delhi by Dr Ramendra Chakarwarti from JNU polished me and fined tuned my ability to act.

How does it feel to work with such great director as Vikram Bhatt?

 Unfortunately, I haven’t had the opportunity of him directing me. Except on a few occasions where he was my choreographer. But fortunately, I got a chance to be a part of his projects and to be able to act in stories written by him. What more could I ask?  Also, with Twisted 2, I realized I was the luckiest because he wrote the role of Aryan Mathur keeping me in mind.

What according to you, was the turning point in your career?

Well, I guess I haven’t had a turning point in my career yet. Actually, there are no turning points. You do one project at a time, give it your heart and soul, and pray and hope it does well.

Everyone in the audience thinks that the life of an actor is full of Fame and Glamor. Can you tell the other side of the story?

The other side is actors working really hard each and every day of their lives to get a part, and if they are lucky enough to get one, then they have to work harder to do justice to that part. Nobody has it easy. On other days, there are lows like self-doubt but eventually keeping your head on your shoulder and not getting carried away by success or failure. That, I guess, is the key to longevity.

Life in a nutshell

Show you are currently watching
Game of Thrones
Things you carry with you always
Phone, Wallet and Mints
Things that annoy you the most
A song that would describe you
Kholo kholo from Taare Zameen Par
Celebration means to you
To be extremely satisfied in your heart, and to know that you gave it your all and then have a good night sleep about it.

What advice would you like to give to the aspiring actors?

 I am an aspiring actor myself, I don’t have much advise for a lot which is already very smart. Just take control of every situation and keep moving forward if I must dare to advise them.
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Most of your work includes web series, are you planning to do some regular daily soaps in the future?

Definitely, why not? But my character or story has to burn my soul so much so that I am dying to be on sets just to play my part.

How social media collaborated in your career.

 Actually, it has been the other way round. Before Twisted was released I don’t think my audience knew I was active on social media. My social media handles are now witnessing the followers- flood as fans of Aryan Mathur are trying to find the person who played the character.

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Most of your shows were based on either suspense or thriller. What kind of work are you planning to do now in future?

 I would love to attempt something light like a comedy or an immature love story. Or who knows, a family drama.

My favourite

Book on the shelf
Great Expectations by Charles Dickens
Nia Sharma
Holiday Destination
Srinagar, Jammu, and Kashmir
Movie/ TV show
Andaz Apna Apna / Game of Thrones

What are your future plans?

My future plans are to look 25 at the age of 60 and maybe, become a slightly better actor.

What should be the last line of your biography?

If there is one written, it would probably say, “…  and he couldn’t decide what was real and what was reel.”

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