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In the era of profit-making, here emerges a startup by Mukesh Chauhan who thinks that Entrepreneurship is like survival, which nurtures creative thinking. We limit our businesses to just make a profit when there are plenty of social problems out there, which we can solve using technology. According to him, we should make such things which would have more demand in the market to sustain the business.


“It’s Fun to create”

Mr. Mukesh Chauhan is a Graduate in Electronics and Instrumentation from Shri Govindram Seksaria Institute of Technology and Science, Indore and holds a Masters Degree in Electronic Design and Technology at National Institute of Electronics & Information Technology, Aurangabad and has worked in XILINX and Synopsys.

Let’s see how Technolexis is igniting and nurturing young minds:

How did it all start? When did you first think that you should work with such advanced technologies?

  • Nov-2012, I (Mr. Mukesh Chauhan) quit the job from XILINX after spending 13-14 years in VLSI companies. I wanted to start social entrepreneurship, thus I spent 8 to 10 months exploring all over India to figure out which sector should I invest my time and knowledge.
  • I have visited Barefoot College in Rajasthan to know the village model, this college has helped in Rural Development by empowering technical knowledge in mid-aged people. I was also associated with Ganga Cleaning Activities.

After returning, I set up a team of people in embedded systems and VLSI domain with the support of ex-colleague of XILINX. After successful completion of the project, I moved on and started new company “Technolexis” in May 2014which was incorporated later in Pvt Ltd. My core competency in the technological domain and vast experience in the industry made me think to choose such advanced technologies (3D Printing, Robotics, IoT etc.)

How is your venture helpful for People?

3D printing holds massive potential to convert imagination into reality. With the expansion of digital art and design, almost anything we imagine can be 3D printed after designing it virtually. We have a dynamic network of agents, interacting in a specific industrial area under a particular institutional infrastructure and involve in the generation, diffusion, and utilization of technology.

Our second vertical MakerSpace focus is to ignite and nurture young minds in the latest technologies for a challenging tomorrow.

Tell us about the miserable time you face and how did you overcome those problems?

The whole journey of an entrepreneur is full of ups and down. The toughest decision was to quit the job and do something for my inner contentment whereas everyone around me was just against my decision. I always felt divine presence of my master with me through His enlightening thoughts which helped me overcome that situation.

What are your future goals?

Our Future goal is making a technological learning platform for young people to learn, create and play.

What advice would you like to give to the aspiring entrepreneurs?

Entrepreneurship is like survival, which nurtures creative thinking. Do not limit your business to just making the profit. There are plenty of social problems, solving them using technology, helps in building the business. Make such things which have more demand in the market to sustain the business.

How are you planning to promote ‘Make in India’ through your venture?

We are assembling few of the 3D printers in India and our 2nd vertical “MakerSpace” will provide a nationwide platform for makers to ‘Make in India’.

As your venture is dealing with all the smart and advanced technologies like IOT, Robotics, whose resources are somewhat limited for now in India. How do you work in that area?

  • Yes, these resources are somewhat limited for now in India but India is steadily growing in the technology. We have good R&D team who are constantly working towards building cost-effective innovations for the development of our society and country. Our aim is to transfer the knowledge about these technologies to young school children.
  • We want to act as a catalyst to make the future of India bright by delivering the futuristic knowledge to today’s children
  • Also, foreign collaboration is making these technological resources available in India

What makes you different from all other venture of this kind?

  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Technology implementation
  • Execution excellence
  • Customer-centric service and support

A Quote or something your team believes in that inspire you the most.

“Dream, Aspire, Yearn and Achieve”


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Tagline of Startup
“It’s Fun to create”

To ignite and nurture young minds with cutting-edge technologies for a challenging tomorrow

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Join us to build the future bearer of the Nation using Maker Space platform

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