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Food is not just a basic necessity nowadays. It’s something to get addicted upon and live for. For some people, it’s not just for the body but for the soul. FoodyTravelMoody is one such food blogger who runs his Instagram page on food and gets some hidden gems of yummy food in front of the world. Let’s read more about Vaibhav Tejrana aka FoodyTravelMoody and know what it takes to recognise good food.



In a Conversation with Vaibhav Tejrana aka FoodyTravelMoody:

How did it all start?

Creativity has always been a big part of my life. During my college days, I used to visit several places in south India just to explore their culture and the lost cuisine. after graduating I came back and settled myself with a job but there was never a job satisfaction.

You know for good food you need good cash and by cash, I meant lots of travel with a lot of willingness. So here how I became a traveller too. South India brought out a perfect wanderer and a foody out of me.I started my food blogging page back in 2017 and since then I never stopped. So here I am FOODYTRAVELMOODY.


What is food to you?

There is no sincere love than the love for food. It has the power to bring everyone together. Food could mean so many things:

  • A way to survive
  • A happy place
  • The centerpiece of family gatherings
  • Comfort

But food for me means family, friends and the moments you share. It is to express a feeling of love, emotion and respect.

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If a guest arrives without any notice. What will you recommend which can be cooked instantly and they can fall in love?

Poha could definitely be a lifesaver at this moment. I mean who doesn’t like poha.

How social media helps you to establish your career?

I started my page back in 2017 and never thought that we would become this big a family today. Social media for me is food blogging. It’s my carrier. Without social media, I would not have been giving you this interview :p

Which restaurant will you pick? If you could get a chance to pick any the world, For breakfast, lunch, and dinner respectively.

  • Breakfast- 58 tour Eiffel, Paris
  • Lunch- Chicken quesadilla Quintonil, Mexico City
  • Dinner-American chopstick Dinner Harmony Café, Washington D.C.

My favourites:

Movie/TV show

Wolf of wall street, 127 Hours, The pursuit of happiness

Holiday Destination 


Cuisine in the plate

Indian, Chinese, Mexican

Book on the shelf

Wings of fire

Chef in the kitchen

Gordon Ramsey, Gagan Anand, Ranveer Brar

What different skills are required to test a dish apart from just to cook it or take a photo of it?

You need to appreciate the chef’s hard work first .every food has its own story. Once you get to know it testing becomes an easy task. Attention to detail, creativity, cleanliness are some things I look out for apart from the taste.

To give a twist to a traditional dish is fun or a challenge?

Although I also love the traditional food. It’s quite challenging to give it a twist. We can always make something out of the traditional dishes but we can’t replace the authenticity of the dish

Life in a Nutshell:

Things you never leave home without

Phone, Watch, wallet, earphone

A dessert that describes you


A favourite excuse to get away from things

Let’s eat something first

A thing that annoys you the most

The hot water running out when you’re running a bath

Stress reliever


What are your future plans?

To open a multi-cuisine restaurant.

What should be the last line of your biography?

Miles to go before I sleep.


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