IDK, if you know that around 40% of India’s population is under the age of 30, and they are of 2 types:

  • Those who don’t give a damn about fitness
  • Those who have made fitness an important part of their life

Fit2Gether is an online fitness service that aims to build connections amongst individuals that would probably last a lifetime and imbibe the fitness culture amongst people of all age group.

Still perplexed about what Fit2Gether is? Well, let’s read ahead… 😉

How did it all start? What makes your team so concern about peoples health.

It all started 18 months ago when my friend & I began working out together. Till this time I had taken memberships at multiple gyms but never made it past 10 days of regularity. I lost constant motivation & productivity.

Fit2Gether makers

After 3 months of regular working out with my friend, we realized that we were perfect matches for each other in terms of Fitness. Hence, the birth of FIT2Gether took place. Our online fitness service that helps users find a perfect workout mate within the vicinity of their gym with up to 80% accuracy. Being engineering students, we came up with our own ‘Fitness Algorithm’ that helps in attaining the accuracy.

Since I was an overweight child for most of my life up until till the age of 20. I have come to realize the complications & troubles that come with not being physically fit. This was one of the primary reasons to come up with a fitness service that gives you motivation & productivity than just suggesting exercises & diet.

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How is your venture helpful for People and the government?

With more than 66% of people showing up less than 5 days a month to a health club with a full year membership. FIT2Gether helps them gain the motivation, productivity & perfect fitness partner. With more than 40% of India’s population being under the age of 30, a fit & healthy India will lead to a more productive tomorrow. With tons of app’s out there that guides users on types of diets & workouts, we provide pure motivation.

Tell us the miserable time you faced, and how you overcome it?

When you come up with an idea, it is very exciting initially. The issue arises when the idea has to be made into a viable product, which requires investment especially if your planning to go nationwide. Since most investors do not invest in just an idea, we decided to bootstrap it ourselves. We took help from our parents, who granted us with the fund. We used the funds to build a prototype, set up a team, register the company & setup channel partnerships with gym companies.

Fit2Gether makers

In today’s era, people are facing so much health issues. How can food or gym help them?

India has been adopting the western culture rapidly, especially food habits. With most people turning to fast food options to fill in their daily diet, obesity has been on a rise in India. Such people who are too busy to follow a strict diet regime, we have built the slogan –


Under this motto, we encourage people to follow a 45-minute workout schedule. This schedule sheds most amount of calories in the least possible time. The objective is to prevent them from gaining any more fat than they currently possess by finding them like-minded partners for the same. Though this program does not lead to weight loss, it definitely prevents obesity.

What advice would you like to give to the aspiring entrepreneurs?

The best learnings I have had in the last 1 year since I began my journey is – Every idea must be worked on, evaluated and thought about in utmost detail before building the product. Secondly, bootstrapping an idea yourself & building it into a product is the best way to start a company in today’s era.

A Quote or something your team believes in that inspire you the most.

Opportunities flow in disorder, a wise man grabs it & a fool cries over it.