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“Bitcoin”, you must have heard of this thing since these last few months when there was a hullabaloo going on all over the world that it is making people rich and it’s the future of world currency but what “Bitcoin” actually is?

It’s a cryptocurrency. Now you must be wondering what ‘Cryptocurrency’ is?

Well, just ask Dhruv, Co-Founder of PEXO, an Indian platform where people can buy and sell cryptocurrencies:

How did it all start? From where do you got the idea?

We being a crypto lovers from the early days we know that crypto can change the world and can be super fast in terms of technology and day to day transactions. Being enthusiastic of cryptocurrency we were facing many problems dealing in exchanges for trading when we use to trade. Keeping the sentiments in mind of traders, we decided to start our own exchange to overcome the issue.

What were the initial problems you faced during your starting days?

As a startup, there are a lot of problems we faced and crossing every hurdle with a mindset “Yes We Can”. we have reached here. Initially, we don’t know where to start from. There was no one to guide us. Unless family support and trust plays a major role and gradually we started building infrastructure, we communicate with a lot of members who are in crypto, understand their issues, views, concerns and we came up withPEXO – People Exchange.

Tell us about PEXO in detail. What does it do and how is it useful for the today’s generation?

PEXO being a People Exchange runs on 2 pillars Trust & Transparency. Pexo is located in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. Keeping this in mind we are trying to mold our mobile application and services we provide as our user wants. The main focus is to provide the best support to our user on the queries and concerns they are facing while transacting in Pexo. Providing one-stop resolutions is the main thing which we feel other exchanges are lacking. Pexo has 4 active cryptos available to trade – Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ripple. New coins are coming soon to our platform. PEXO gives a trading platform to users where they can buy and sell cryptocurrency as per the desired rates. We are live on Android play store and in near future, we will be live on Apple Appstore as well.

Website: https://www.pexo.in

Android Play store: https://goo.gl/WxP7Jn

What are your future goals regarding your venture?

Well, the vision we have is to become a top exchange for cryptocurrency platform in India. And to become top in the market we want our users to grow with us. I personally believe is without users or trust of the community you are nothing no matter how big the infrastructure is. We are working day and night to gain the trust of the crypto community. We also have a unique program of Referral which no other exchange in India gives. Stay, Earn trust and Respect is our Funda. Monetary gain is secondary but our first priority will always be our users.
We are aiming to have 50+ cryptocurrency on our platform by the end of this year with a minimum of 1000000 user base.

App Screenshots

How do you deal with the problems and challenges that come your way?

There is a time when you fill stuck and can’t control the outcomes. My grandfather uses to say how bigger your problem or issue is don’t panic, step back, take a break, go to a place or wherever you feel fresh, come back hard as a strike of light. He taught me even the word “IMPOSSIBLE” says “I M POSSIBLE”. So my best practice is to deal with the consequences if I keep on listening music, sometimes repeating the songs 50 times, take a break where even I don’t take a phone and focus on socializing with people I like to be with and come back.

My favourites

Book on the shelf
P.S. I Love you

Hangover, The Wolf of Wallstreet, Ae Dil Hai Mushkil

Holiday Destination

Cricket, Watching Movie, Listening Music

I believe in Simple Thinking High Living.
My work makes more noise than me!

What advice would you like to give to the aspiring entrepreneurs?

I am not that big entrepreneurs to give advice but I would give a suggestion to all that when you decided to be an entrepreneur, you are welcomed by problems and issues. Never quit. If everything falls at the right place in starting your venture, understand something is wrong. The first step is always hard. Don’t get scared of having a loss or doing mistakes. The more mistakes you do, the chances become less to be unsuccessful. As far as I know, No entrepreneur has started their venture without doing mistakes. “There is nothing called Failure in Life..there is always a Feedback”

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What should be the last line of your biography?

Being a Karma believer “Just do what you are best at and let Karma do the rest”

Life in a Nutshell

Your Idol
Jayesh Thaker and my Grandfather

A thing you carry with you always

Think that annoy you the most
double face, people

A word that describes you
Committed and Customer-oriented

Celebration means to you
The smile on the face of the people who I know

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