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Kritika Avasthi started her journey from Delhi where she used to dance and when she realized how much she likes being in the front of an audience, then she moved to Mumbai to pursue her acting career. We have seen her winning hearts with all her roles, whether it be a bossy girl Avan from Girl in the city season 1 or an innocent and nerdy Maggu from Engineering Girls. She is all set to start her Bollywood career from the movie Saroj ka Rishta which is releasing next year. We wish her all the very best for that. Let’s know more about her story in her own words.

kritika avasthi

In a Conversation with Kritika Avasthi:

Tell us something about your life. What do you do in your free time? What are your hobbies?

Born and brought up in Delhi, single child. I moved to Mumbai 3 and half years back. Graduated from Bhagat Singh, Delhi University and then finished bachelors in law.

Hobbies- First has to be dancing, I was a company member at “The Danceworx- Delhi”. Trained in jazz, ballet, and contemporary dance form.

I practice pranic healing and meditations, which has become a very integral part of my life. I also enjoy doing yoga, horse riding, and swimming.

How did it all start? Who inspired you?

It all happened out of nowhere.
3 years in Danceworx, made me realize how much I love performing to an audience and through dance one can express inexplicably.
Back in 2013, juggling between final year of my law school and danceworx, one day I see my cousin who is a fashion designer on television in a nestle ad.
Everyone in our family was so excited to see her in two ad commercials.
She told me, it was by fluke!! She was actually going to pick up a friend from her audition, as they were getting late for a dinner party and the casting director ended up casting my cousin instead.
That very moment, it hit me!!! Maybe I should try acting.
I started auditioning from Delhi, did a couple of ad films and a TV show for star plus called “Airlines” and then I moved to Mumbai. Rest is history now.

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 Is there any character of yours which is very special for you? What makes it special?

Yes, two of them till now-
First is “Avan” from Girl in the city season 1- Disney show. The brief given to me was “Meryl Streep” from devil wears Prada. I still remember how nervous I was on the first day. I am nothing like Avan in person, it was pretty challenging for me to comprehend that character. S
Our lovely directorSamarr Sheikh was so patient and kind to me, took me through the entire scene and helped me understand Avan. Kudos to him, I could play it decently. Hahahaha.
Second is “Maggu” from Engineering girls for The Timeliners. I have been saabu to some of the friends during college. I took inspiration from all of my maggu friends.
We had a lot of fun shooting, there were moments where the entire set would crack up laughing. Apoorv karki is a brilliant director and an amazing human being.
Kritika Avasthi in Girl in the City by Bindass

Kritika Avasthi in Girl in the City by Bindass

What according to you was the turning point in your career?

That would probably be somewhere in 2019 when Saroj ka Rishta releases. My first Bollywood film. Keeping my fingers, we all have worked really hard on this one.

Tell us about the role your family and friends played in your journey?

My friends were really excited to know I am moving to Mumbai, my parents were bit sceptical and clueless. Hahahaha. We don’t have anyone from our family in this industry, I am the first one. But now my family is happy seeing me do well and are very supportive of my change in career choice. So all is good in the hood.



What kind of struggles did you face? How did you overcome them?

Mumbai has mostly been kind to me, touchwood. Everyone has a different journey, some get it smooth, some have to work little more and some have to struggle to get to their goals. In the end, nothing matters just the destination!!!
One should only move forward, struggles will come, endure them with a smile and move ahead more determined.
engineering girls by the timelinear

Engineering Girls – The Timeliners

What advice would you like to give to the aspiring youngsters in this field?

Never give up!!! You fall 100 times, get up 101st time and go for it. Karma manifests sooner or later. The ones who persevere with persistence come out with a BANG and have a hell of a story of success to tell and inspire others.

My favorites:

Movie/TV show– list is endless
Holiday Destination– Greece, Budapest, Portugal, Maldives, Prague, Switzerland, Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Andaman nicobar islands.
Book on the shelf– A setback is a setup for a comeback- Willie jolley.
Actor– Ranveer Singh, Vicky kaushal, Deepika, Alia, radhika apte, vikrant Massey, Ranbir Kapoor.
Hobby– Dance, yoga, horse riding, swimming.

How social media collaborated in your career?

Hmmm, still trying to figure that out.

Which one do you like to work more in? TV shows or Web series?

Web series. I relate more to the content on the web.

We have seen you in “Engineering Girls” as a Maggu and nerdy student. How were you like in reality in your college days?

Oops, I was more of a backbencher kinds. I would study end of the year to get first division in college and that’s it.
College was very liberating for me, I found my Independence and freedom of expression.

Do you have a dream project which you eagerly want to work in?

Yes, it will be a great mythological period drama film. I am a big fan of films like Jodha Akbar, Bajirao mastaani and Padmavat.

Life in a Nutshell:

 Things you never leave home without: Headphones, Sunglasses, Sunblock.
 A favorite excuse to get away from things: not feeling too well. Hahahahha
 A thing that annoys you the most: dirty unhygienic environment.
 Stress reliever: spa and a vacation

What are your future plans?

Cinema Cinema Cinema, Good Films.

What should be the last line of your biography?

Love is the only real and true emotion in the universe. Nothing else.

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