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It’s difficult to get the right workspaces, at the right time, the right location and the right price, simply because most people aren’t sure how to go about finding them or even have the time.

But there has to be an easier way right? There is, it’s called meetingsandoffices.com.

Let’s read about the journey and motives of Mno:

How did it all start? From where did you get the idea for this?

I have been in the shared space industry from before the time the term Coworking was coined or WeWork came into being, having established one of India’s premium shared space offerings in 2007.

I realized early on that this is a revolution in the making and will change the way we approach workspaces forever. Being an industry pioneer in India I became intensely familiar with what customers need, what their pain points are and how to create a solution to address those pain points.

When I decided it was time to set up my own venture I naturally turned to the area of shared workspaces and how to make them accessible to users with minimum effort and hassle.

This is how meetingsandoffices.com came into being.

Meenal IBG Award 3

How is your venture helpful for today’s generation?

As more and more young people turn to set up their own ventures, viable professional
workspaces are becoming a greater challenge and setting up your own remains a resource drain.

Easy accessibility to professional plug and play shared spaces becomes crucial as it allows for a great work environment, good community connects, greater business building and with none of the associated hassles of creating and maintaining your own space. This is critical infrastructure for the business community, both start-ups, and SMEs.

This is exactly what meetingsandoffices.com offers to businesses.

Tell us the miserable time you face and how you overcome.

Doing something worthwhile is never easy, it is challenging, but also rewarding. As a young company, you are crunched for all resources whether it is money or team or space. One has to work both hard and smart with limited resources to make a business succeed. With meetingsandoffices.com we are helping to solve the problem of space directly and by plugging young companies into a huge robust community, we indirectly address the other issues as well.

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You are currently in which states? And how you are planning to explore?

meetingsandoffices.com is currently present in 18 cities across India – all the business hubs and the emerging cities. We are growing on a near daily basis and will soon cover 25 cities across India. We also offer support across the globe, one simply has to reach out to meetingsandoffices.com for all workspace related needs.

With Dr Apoorva Sharma at Innovate Launch

What are your future goals?

meetingsandoffices.com is currently consolidating our India operation, in a few months time, meetingsandoffices.com will start offering international spaces through the web app as well. We aim to be the first point of contact for anyone who has flexible or shared workspace needs.


Your Startup Funda

Tagline of Startup
Workspaces, your style!

To ensure that the workspace and related infrastructure never become an obstacle to business
growth for anyone.

One Line Pitch
The single most important resource for flexible and shared workspaces. Just Search, Compare,
Book, Pay & Use.

A complete team to you
People who dream the same dream and have the skill set to make it happen.

One biggest step
Taking the first step.


What advice would you like to give to the aspiring entrepreneurs?

I have always maintained that starting up a venture is one of the most difficult yet rewarding things that one can ever attempt. There will always be hurdles and people who tell you why you won’t succeed. There will be times when you feel like giving up. Never, never, never quit. Maintain single-minded focus on your goal and one day you will build something worth being proud of. But that said, do listen to and evaluate inputs completely impartially and wherever needed make course corrections, pivot, and usher in change. Do what it takes to succeed, but never take an unethical shortcut. This is the meetingsandoffices.com mantra.

A Quote that inspires you or written by you?

When people tell you, you won’t succeed, don’t answer in words but in action. Succeed and
show them that there is a road beyond negativity. Never, never, never quit.

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