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I used to think that in the era of money-making, anyone hardly gives a thought to education until I met Nakul, the CEO of Techamania, a startup that aims at providing education to all and “Make literate INDIA” a dream come true.

Nakul Mehrotra sitting in Black Blazer Updated India

Nakul Mehrotra,left side Judge, in Black Blazer

In a conversation with Nakul:

“The Difference between ‘Who you are & What you want to be’ is What You Do”

How did it all start? How did you get the idea for this?

I have travelled all the way from Bareilly, UP to Chennai around 2700 Km to study Nanotechnology and do something which would give me happiness. I was travelling in Chennai local during my 3rd year of college, found one underprivileged family where father was teaching 3-year-old son ABCD by overwriting on the newspaper. After my graduation, I had the chance to join PhD at Malaysian University but no financial support. So I came up with a plan to use technology in order to provide quality education at Rs 200 per month.

How is your venture helpful for People?

Currently, we are into the development of Leadership Qualities in youth and have helped many to achieve there dreams at the early stage. To name XLRI [Top 4 School in India], Rice University [Direct PhD], few of them have start Ventures in the area of Food, Mentoring, etc

Review by one of the Student,Who is now CMO for TAM

Tell us about the miserable time you faced and how you overcome.

2016: My 26th Birthday, I had no money to even have food that night but goals were clear to do something big and more impact for the people of the country it all happened eventually 2017 Birthday: My first student made it to XLRI and best part is he is now heading as CMO as he was inspired by the effort put in by us.

Your startup works with mentoring students and providing them with the best quality education. How do you make sure that your service reaches the maximum number of students?

Our Mentoring service is taking place on all suitable platform like Whatsapp, LinkedIn, Facebook.

What makes you different from other ventures of this kind and how do you make people trust your services?

Personalized support, we dedicate time to 15 days or a monthly basis.

What advice would you like to give to the aspiring entrepreneurs?

Always follow one golden rule:

Treat startup like your own child and I am pretty sure you will be a proud parent one day

From where do you get the professional team to help your customers?

Our team consist of Board of Advisors form various companies and we have students from colleges who lead the whole system with the best sets of professional skills

What are your future goals?

2018: Educational TV Channel
2020: Adopt Village / Creat 10,000 Jobs
2025: Setup Nanotech Firm


The tagline of Startup: Enriching Education

Motive: Better India

One Line Pitch: Clear goals get early success

A complete team to you: Is more than a Family

One Biggest Step: Quitting my Corporate job in 2015

You have given so many talks in different institutions. What do you keep in mind while delivering a talk and how do you analyze your content to talk to people?

The prime goal of any talk is to add “VALUE”, the secondary goal is to inspire at least a few, who could be change makers of tomorrow.

Tell us about the other ventures which you have co-founded or worked with. How was the experience working there?

Yummy By Mummy, one of our venture during the struggling time of 2015 to help Students avail with homemade tasty food and every single day was full of challenges. Highest sales to No sales sometimes, the different type of strategies to get more customers but what was most satisfying is the amazing feedback by customers after having food from Y/M.

A Quote or something your team believes in that inspire you the most.

“Nothing is Impossible”

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