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I’m a huge fan of Roadies and I’m more excited than you to share the story of Pavneet Singh Bagga. Me saying anything about him or his story would be like disparaging his journey, so just see what he has to say:

For those who don’t know what Roadies is, read this:

In a conversation with Pavneet Singh Bagga :

How did it all start? From where do you get the idea to start your journey for roadies Xtreme?

Well, I started watching Roadies ten years back. My cousin brother whose no more in this world came here in Ahmedabad from Pune to give audition for Roadies 6 Hell Down Under. I still remember the venue Townhall. Started watching Roadies since then & became a big fan. I’ve given Audition thrice before being selected for Roadies Xtreme, was even a contestant on Roadies Battleground 5. My team Mitran Da Jazba was amongst the top 9 teams. Still, have videos on YouTube getting my nipples pierced & dancing on streets dresses as a girl. This time I left a Films role to give Roadies Audition as the dates of the film & Audition were clashing & I had the instinct that probably I’ll get through.

How is the life treating you after roadies Xtreme?

It’s been amazing great, the kind of love I’ve received is something that I never expected. My Instagram has been flooding with messages, my followers have Increased. People recognize me on streets & there’s a smile that comes on their face when they see me, which shows the positive impact I created through the show. There was this incident when a Sardarji guy in Delhi almost 30-35 years old came running from around 100 meters & asked me for a selfie while I was walking with my brothers. He said, “ Pavneet Pajji waha Tv pe aap Ro rhe the apke vote out ke time pe aur yaha mein apne ghar mein ro rhat ha.” He also added that his wife & two kids love me as well, so that’s the kind of love I receive.

What motivates you most of the time?

I just always wish the best for myself and my career, trust me my family plays a huge part in motivating me. Earlier people used to come up telling me that I can’t be on Roadies Cos of my physique & this year I had the most unique audition where I made people laugh.

There are times when I am down so I watch a good SRK or Daljit Dosanjh film, sometimes a good fun loving Tv Series like entourage helps Me. I have a look at my younger brother whose a cricketer & knew what he was supposed to do since he was 7, still, he works hard daily to achieve his dreams. His journey motivates me a lot. Moreover, it’s my own thought process that can help me either flourish or Diminish. So I just try and stay positive always. One line that I always tell myself: If not this, then definitely something much better.

What are your future plans? Are you want to join roadies or Bollywood. Or do you have any other plans?

Yes. I want to be a part of the entertainment industry. I’ve played character roles in Gujarati films. So I am looking forward to work in Punjabi or Hindi films whichever has a good meaty role for me. I can work in any regional film provided the character is important. Also, I have this good command over my speech & can make people laugh by my witty one-liners since I’ve done anchoring in Gujarat I would love to host shows as well. Provided someone considers me worth the job & offers me a role. 😜

How you come up with an idea to go to roadies?

Like I said I always wanted to be on Roadies since I started watching the show. Every time I gave auditions I learned something or the other & the very next year I would try to bring a change in myself. Like last year when as soon as I came out from my GD round I realized that I could’ve shown them some of my Garba Skills as I’ve done it all my life plus no one has ever seen a Sardarji boy doing the Garba on TV & well versed in Gujarati as well. So I knew what I am supposed to do this time plus my sense of humor, my one-liners that made my cousins laugh added a cherry on the cake making the judges laugh throughout the auditions. Eventually making the nation laugh when it went on air.


Life in a Nutshell

Your Idol
My Dad, SRK, Rannvijay Sir, Diljitpajji.

Things you carry with you always
Watch, cell phone, wallet, handkerchief

A thing that annoys you the most
When someone takes a long time to pick up my call or if it goes unanswered when I really need to talk.

A word that describes you

Celebration means to you
Fulfilling my dreams

Tell us the highlights of your career.

I was a student at ST. Xavier’s Loyola Hall, Ahmedabad & I was very active in cultural activities. Used to be on stage Cos I loved being up there. I was also good at studies so I took up engineering but in the first one month, I knew it isn’t my cup of tea. Then happened Roadies battleground & one of my FB friends whom I had just met once during an RJ Hunt audition told me to come up for a Gujarati films audition, I went there said my own script & was selected. Trust me I had no experience in acting was just energetic in front of the camera.

Slowly I made contacts, gave more auditions & trust me I made it in Almost all the films I auditioned for in Gujarat. While I was on my Roadies Journey two of my films titled GujjuBhaiMostWanted&Ratanpur released. I am yet to see the latter one. I played character roles in them, just enjoyed being in front of the camera. I’ve written scripts for a show named the Mr.D Show, and my very good friend, brother, mentor Mr.DhwaniGautam who actually introduced me to Gujarati cinema gave me this chance.

My favorites

1. Book on the shelf
Depends on mood
Crime or murder mystery like Sherlock Holmes if I am pretty chilled out or probably something like Ashes to Ashes, I love thriller novels.

2. Movie/Show

Hollywood shows:
Game of Thrones/ Entourage

Indian reality shows:
Big boss, Roadies

Any SRK movie. Veer Zara, all-time favorite


3. Holiday Destination
Anywhere outside India Cos, I’ve never been there. Or unexplored places in India, Cos I love travelling.

4. Hobby
Travelling, Singing(only when alone), watching movies any language would do but it should be good.

5. Person
Younger brother though he’s irritating yes he’s my favourite.

How your family takes your success.

Not success as there’s a really long way to go, I haven’t yet started it. But my family They actually enjoy it more than I do. My dad flaunts about it in front of everyone that his son is on MTV. My younger brother who has This group of cricketers is receiving messages almost daily & they ask him who won the show, how are Roadies, we want to meet your brother & stuffs like that. And My mom, she gets me the best clothes Cos she wants me to look the best always, my parents they basically sit down and have a look at everything I wear to match my turbans with my clothes. Basically my designers, so If someone at all finds me hot or cute the credit goes to my parents.

Plus nowadays when we go out, they tell me if someone is about to approach me or if they hear someone talking about me. The family is accustomed to it now. We stepped down at Delhi Railway station for my cousins’ marriage & there was this bunch of girls who surrounded me while my entire family including my Chachas, Bhuas, Uncles their kids all were watching it & getting happy. But what makes me happy is to see that smile on the face of my parents.

Any words for those who would like to be a roadie

Just be yourself and fill your form properly because that’s the first impression you create. If you fake it in your form you’ll be judged on that fake personality. Just be whatever you’re. Trust me if you’ve something special & you’re able to showcase it then it may work in your favour.

What should be the last line of your biography?

A Sardar Ji with a good sense of humour.




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