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As they say “Health is Wealth” and our India is the land of yoga. Yoga on daily basis keeps one healthy and fit but when it comes to mats and props for that, all we have is synthetic mats and material made of PVC.

At this time, JuruYoga came to our rescue. They make completely comfortable and eco-friendly yoga mats and other yoga accessories so that no discomfort comes in our way of being healthy. The name JURU itself means ‘joy and happiness’ in multiple languages around the world.

So let’s hear the journey of Juru Yoga by their founders.

In a conversation with Sudarshan and Puja Borker :

From where did you get the idea for this venture? How did it all start?

We launched first range of JURU mats in 2014. Puja, Founder was teaching part-time as a yoga teacher in Bangalore and found herself struggling with the yoga mat and this lead to some research in what goes into making some of the best and preferred yoga mats by popular yoga schools and teachers. Interestingly, all the popular brands were from the USA. Around this time, the make-in-India wave had caught up and motivated us to speak to local manufacturers and brainstorm ideas of how we can make something similar, here in India.

It is then when we realized that majority of the mats available in India and across the world are made of PVC – the environmental bodies are calling it one of the most toxic plastic. These mats tend to have a short life-span, they begin to flake, smell, and become really slippery which is highly risky for a practice like yoga where much emphasis is given on balance and alignment. Also, PVC can cause damage to the liver, reproductive system, central nervous system and respiratory system. Phthalates and toxic metals are used to make mats sticky and durable. Both can seep in with mat use and cause cancer. Moreover, yoga is all about improving breathing capacity for good health and close contact with a PVC mat is likely to harm the body.

Thus we were inspired to make a mat that reflects the yogic principles, that of peace and harmony by being 100% natural and also make it in the birthplace of yoga, India.

Life in a Nutshell
A thing you carry with you always
Mobile, Passion and Positivity
Think that annoy you the most
People who always have an option about others
A word that describes you
Energetic Introvert
Celebration means to you
Happy People around

What were the initial problems you faced during your starting days?

The biggest challenge we faced during expansion was to find the right logistics partner. We wanted to ensure our monthly sales do not drop. With a growing online presence, we had to ensure we continue to innovate and have something new for existing users and keep them engaged. We took a decision to continue to sustain and expand as a boot-strapped model. When we got our first export order last year, things had begun to move at a faster pace since then.

What are your upcoming goals and ideas to take your venture to new heights?

The next goal is to establish a  niche supply chain for eco-friendly and premium yoga products from India.
With a good product competing with top brands we have achieved recognition within the global Yoga community for the best yoga mats from India and plan to introduce more SKU and innovative products.

My favourites

Book on the shelf
The Third wave by Steve Case
Shark Tank
Holiday Destination
Costa Rica
Pass time
Playing Football
Christiano Ronaldo the footballer

What advice would you like to give to today’s youth and aspiring entrepreneurs?

Entrepreneurship is an easy journey if you are committed to the effort that requires to make it a success. The journey has its ups and downs, but having the persistence to not lose focus it very important.
For young entrepreneurs, I would advise focussing on generating revenues for the 2 years and develop business models and sales channels, this is the only way one can grow with or without external funding.

What should be the last line of your biography?

Hope last until success, passion is for life.

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