Food, well we all love it, don’t we?

So, does anyone of you ever got the idea to make FOOD your PROFESSION your CAREER?

Well, this is the story of Reetika who is the founder of Tempting Tales, a food blog, where apart from the food she posts about Travel, Fashion & Lifestyle. She has a huge following and let’s just see what’s her story 😉

What is food to you?

It’s like Meditation for the mouth. The only thing that has the power to uplift my mood, food can bring people together to enjoy a good meal with some laughter. It’s your mother’s love served on a plate that can bring you immense happiness.

If a guest arrives without any notice. What will you recommend which can cook instantly and they can fall in love?

Potato skin with Bhel topped with green chutney or ketchup.

Just cut a potato into two halves then scope out the potato mash. All you have left is the thin potato with its skin. Fry these potato add any Namkeen available. Garnish with some green chutney or ketchup and mint leaves.

To give a twist to and traditional dish is fun or challenge?

It’s a challenge indeed because old is gold. You might be able to give it a twist and create an improvised dish but one must maintain the authentic flavours and essence of the traditional dish.

KulleChaat hidden gem in Chawari Bazaar

KulleChaat hidden gem in Chawari Bazaar

How social media helps you to establish your career?

If you have the courage and uniqueness to do something upbeat then you will be surely recognized. This makes you stand out from the rest and then everything else is a cake walk, a lot of brands will collaborate with you. It’s initially very hard to get that much of recognition but once you set up, there is no turning back.

Which restaurant will you pick, if you get a chance to pick anyone around the world, for breakfast, lunch, and dinner respectively?

Breakfast: Freehand New York
Lunch: Tibet Kitchen, Mcleodganj
Dinner: Kesar da Dhaba, Amristar

Panne Burger

Panner Burger

Life in a Nutshell

Things you never left home without
Phone, wallet, water bottle, lipstick, and scarf

A dessert that describes you
Sweet and sour cherry tart

Fame or Success

Favorite Excuse
I ate everything because I was hungry

Oven or Stove

What different skills did you require to test a dish apart from just to cook it?

It’s like all our senses work together when it comes to taste a dish. Your eyes can help you figure out whether the dish has been cooked perfectly or not. For example, by looking at the color of the vegetables being tossed in oil one can figure out whether they are done or not.

Your nose can help you figure whether the dish is undercooked or overcooked by just smelling it. For example, Just like lasagna if uncooked smells like refined flour. You can also smell and figure out a lot of key ingredients like rose water or any spices added. Your touch can help you figure out whether the dish was cooked perfectly and is the temperature accurate.

What should be the last line of your biography?

And she ate, laughed and burped to million miles.

My Favourites:

Movie/ TV Show
FRIENDS, Game of Thrones

Nelson Mandela, Dan Brown

Cuisine in the plate
Indian, Italian, Chinese

Song That Get you on the floor
any Punjabi song

Chef in the kitchen
Sanjeev Kapoor, Gordon Ramsay

Chicken lollipops

Chicken Lollipops

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