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In this era of blogging, where all that bloggers want from people is to click on ads, emerges Manishi Pande with Enlightenpedia, a blog which believes that

“Happiness is within and we have to find beneath by loving our-self.”

According to their blog,

Enlightenpedia is a blog for readers who love to read about the different thought process, the person who loves deeper understanding of every words, statements, and situation in life. We believe every situation can be handled easily with enlightenment in the thought process.

They post articles that focus on Motivation, Startup Businesses, Health, Spirituality, Travel and a bunch more.

Let’s have a chit chat with them:

Wisdom and Life

How did it all start? When did you think that you should have a blog for people?

I started writing when I was in class 6. At that time I used to write motivational quotes and thoughts in a diary. Whenever I felt low I used to read that and share it with my friends too. During my college days, I came across online articles. It was a great opportunity for me to proceed with writing and spreading it across the world through the power of the internet and that’s how Enlightenpedia came into existence. My friends call me spiritual lady.

My favourites

Book on the Shelf

My Latest Collection consists of 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, The Secret, and Steve Jobs.

Movie/ TV Show
I don’t watch

Social Media
Linked In

Songs you love to listen  

Holiday Destination 

What is writing to you?

For me, writing is a way to express emotions, understanding, feelings, and medium to communicate wisdom.

What can be the best advice for ones who are in their 20’s now?

Your life has just begun, make sure you make the most out of it. Spend your time building your empire and spend time with your family too.

You write about lifestyle, career, motivation which help people to solve many of their problems and keep them motivated and choose smartly. What do you do to keep yourself motivated and face your challenges?

I read books. They influence me a lot. Books are my best companions.

How do you analyze the things around you and write about them?

It’s all about how deep you are connected to surrounding and yourself. Every situation can be handled in various ways, the choice is ours.


Life in a nutshell

Things you never left home without
Pen, Paper

Most overrated Bollywood movie
I am not the right person to comment

Fame or Success
Fame comes after success.
When you are successful fame will follow you.

A song that describes you
Not released yet 

Celebration means to you
Celebration for me is Happiness.
And happiness comes when my family, friends and dear ones are happy and healthy I celebrate it daily.


Last line of your biography.

Connect with yourself and see how different the world is. ”Explore the Unknown”


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