How did it all start?

I am a small town middle class boy, now people here find their happiness in materialistic things, they work all their life just to buy a luxury car/bike/home. Whenever I met my friends all they talk about the SUVs “X” person have & I always wonder why these people don’t set bigger goals in life? Why are they finding their happiness in cars/bikes? Imagine you have a dream to buy Honda City you worked all your life and finally, you somehow manage to buy that car, but where does the excitement goes after 6 months of buying that car, you end up being frustrated. That is what I want to tell people that Happiness is not at all is directly proportionate to the number of cars/bikes you have. So I started working on this concept and launched where we provide self-drive car/bike rental services.

How is your venture helpful for People and the government?

People can rent their Dream/car bike at a very affordable cost our aim is to bring 100% transparency between the customer and the dealer. People shouldn’t be trapped in materialistic goals stuff.

Government: What happens in Delhi in the last few years that it gets crowded with so many cars that Government have to start odd-even formula. Our goal is same as the government if we make it bigger in India what happens is that people shouldn’t buy vehicles they rent it whenever they needed + we aim to do pollution check in all our vehicles attached on our platform.

Tell us about the miserable time you faced and how did you overcome those problems?

I am still facing that miserable time, we don’t have funding right now after my Graduation I started doing all kind off “odd” jobs, from working at a BPO to doing door to door marketing and after two years I saved some money and started this platform, I am just 23 and I thing struggle have just started, I launched my company one month back with no Investor with no team, I am currently focussing on building a team and raising funds.

You can’t overcome those problems you only try to fix them its “you v/s you” just believe on that stuff and keep going.

In this big business world, where we have a lot of companies who provide vehicle rental services. What is your strategy and what motivates you to compete with them?

Learning more faster than your competitors keeps you one step forward. I have tried all those vehicle rental services and there is still a loophole in the rental business, there some big player in this market who is deducting the unnecessary amount from customer refundable security. The ecosystem in rental business is still not working in a right way and we are just trying to fill that loopholes. If there would be no strong competition against me how can I work more harder?


Tagline of Startup
Find your Escape

My end goal is to create so much from my companies so that I can Help Stray animals in India. I think the end goal should be so much connected to you that it keeps you moving.

One Line Pitch
Whenever an Investor or a customer ask why we choose you, I simply say “WE ARE MORE HUNGRY

A complete team to you
Which believe in your vision, the direction should always be one for a ship.

One biggest step
Not to choose what society expects from me, Not to choose a mediocre life.


What advice would you like to give to the aspiring entrepreneurs?

If you truly believe in something no matter from what city or which family you belong keep fighting don’t think about the second party opinion just keep going. The one quote from the movie The Revenant keeps me going is:


Don’t do it for money, money is a secondary phase nothing can beat the joy of creating things.

A Quote or something your team believes in that inspire you the most.

Survive as long as you can.

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