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20 years ago, if I would have said to you that now you can buy things online, you’ve would have said that I’ve lost my mind. And it’s totally right to do so, as when no one was sure what internet is and saying to them that you can buy things would’ve definitely ended up as a hullabaloo.

But as time passed and Internet grasped its fist on the world, we came to know what online shopping is.

Now, the matter is that we can’t think of our lives without online shopping. I mean how easy and convenient life has become. Now, you don’t have to go to a shop and carry things, you just have to see them online and decide what you want and the product will be delivered to you. No fuss or hullabaloo.

When online shopping is at its peak and people are deliberately buying clothes, electronic devices, cushions, food, pantry, and etcetera, this man thought to let people do online shopping for pharmaceutical stuff like medicines, body care products, organic supplements and much more with a name of Pharmacyonnet” and their tagline is:

Sehat Aapke Ghar Tak

Let’s have a conversation with them:

How did it all start? How did you get the idea for this?

We have been doing a job in the nationalized pharmaceutical company and in 2014 we decided to start our venture related to health products specially Nutraceuticals. During initial 2 years, we got a revenue & we constantly developed our brand value, so by the mid of 2016 we started Dreamz Nutrition & Pharmaceuticals Private Limited. Latter got many recognitions & certifications like StartUp India, Food safety & standardization authority, Import export council & International Standardization. We were always with the vision how to enhance to reachability of Health products to the remotest of the areas in India, this notion led us to the foundation of Pharmacyonnet.com
Now in Pharmacyonnet.com, we sell more than 8000+ verified & trusted health products & with over 150 Vendors Pan India dealing in Health related products.

How is your venture helpful for People?

The most important thing one can have is Health & we are delivering the same to the remotest of areas in India. We closely monitor the need, feasibility & quality of products before adding the brand in our marketplace. We are not in the race of selling anything & everything on our marketplace, so ultimately what people are getting is health.

Tell us the miserable time you face and how you overcome.

To date by the grace of almighty, we have not faced any miserable time, or you can say we are positive to that extent where we find an opportunity with every problem that we faced. Since doing business & that too as a startUp needs loads of issues & problems, also we think that problems & breakers are part of the business which makes you worth more capable of taking decisions.

What do you do to satisfy your customers and make them trust you with things like medicines and other products?

As I said, we take a deep insight into the brand & their respective products before allowing any company to sell their products using our platform. For that, we take samples of the products & check for the quality & packaging specifications. We have in-house QC team & our analytics do their job very carefully about each and every product. Having pharma as our background helped us to know the insights of the Industry & that too helped us in this business.

What makes you different from other ventures of this kind?

Currently either there is Prescription based e-commerce or Organic based e-commerce, also some big giants are selling anything & everything, so we have chosen a wider but focused segment & that was “Health”. Now we are like a supermarket or say Super pharmacy where you can buy everything related to health. If we find something which is good for health then we definitely go for that

What advice would you like to give to the aspiring entrepreneurs?

Well, the only thing I follow & would like to recommend strongly is always remain positive & to never quit your dreams.



Tagline of Startup
SehatAapkeGharTak (Trademark)

To provide health products at the doorsteps to the remotest of the areas in India & that too in the reach of a common man.

One Line Pitch
One stop shop for all health products

A complete team to you
A team which takes the pain of work & responsibility is a complete team for me. There are millions of employer & billions of employees but the one who takes the opportunity to be apart of business & work as a pillar is always an asset to the company.

One biggest step
We are going to open our retails outlets in 5 major cities, that will be our storefront for major


From where you get the professional team to help your customers.

Honestly, we got fresh young talented candidates & got them trained. Further, we had a good link with freelancers doing a good job for us. We have also hired few online marketing agencies working for us.

pharmacyonnet founder mr gyaan dixit

Pharmacyonnet Founder- Mr Gyaan Dixit

What are your future goals?

With the advent of 2018, we have Incorporated FirstRateEtails Private Limited company& bifurcated Offline & trade business to that of online business. Pharmacyonnet will be governed by FirstRateEtails Private Limited. Expected Turnover of Dreamz Nutrition & Pharmaceuticals Private Limited in FY 2018-19 will reach approx. 20 million. & that of FirstRateEtails Private Limited will be assessed between 8 to 10 million INR.
Doing business in India is always a challenging part & a hard nut to crack. Firstly, it was a trouble finding & organizing technical team & in small cities it is always difficult, then a well-organized business team. Funding is always a requirement for promoting our startup, however, the revenue we have generated from our business Dreamz Nutrition & Pharmaceuticals Private Limited was put into this. Since I love photography and I thought it would be an awesome idea if I click the products & use them in a beautiful manner to promote. We have not charged even a penny from the brand owners for the images, in fact, we bought their products to click for them.

A Quote or something your team believes in that inspire you the most.

I strongly believe in a phrase “Never Quit” & “Relax nothing is under control”. The reason is many times it is not possible for us to do the things as planned.

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