A test-firing of the world’s fastest supersonic cruise missile BrahMos, aimed at “increasing its life”, from 10 to 15 years has been planned this month. This will be happening from a test range at Chandipur in Odisha in the third week of July.

Sudhir Kumar Mishra, the chief of BrahMos Aerospace has mentioned this after inaugurating a new plant of the defense unit of Larsen & Toubro Vadodara, where canisters for storage, transportation, and launch of the missile will be manufactured. This test-firing will allow the armed forces to maintain an inventory of the missiles for a long period, in fact, much duration.

He added, “A missile, with a different version, in fact, a lighter version of Air launched BrahMos, with vertical launch capability for use in mountainous areas and against aircraft carriers will be ready soon, as it is at drawing board stage and our missiles will be the conventional missiles.”

About BrahMos supersonic missile:

  • World’s fastest Supersonic Cruise Missile BrahMos was developed by joint-venture between Russia’s Mashinostroyenia and India’s Defence Research and Development Organisation(DRDO).
  • It was created on 22 November 2017 created after it was successfully flight-tested from the Indian Air Force’s (IAF) frontline fighter aircraft Sukhoi-30MKI for the first time. After being dropped from the Sukhoi-30MKI, the missile’s engine fired up and propelled towards the intended target at the sea in Bay of Bengal.
  • The missile derives its name from the names of two rivers, namely the Brahmaputra of India and the Moskva of Russia.
  • It operates on ‘Fire and Forget Principle’ by adopting varieties of flights on its way to the target.
  • It approaches the enemy target with a top speed of Mach 3.0.Weighing 2.5 ton, BrahMos has been the heaviest weapon to be deployed on Sukhoi-30 fighter aircraft which was modified to carry weapons.
  • The successful maiden test firing of this Air Launched Cruise Missile (ALCM) will boost the IAF’s air combat operations capability.