Updated India is a platform where established startups or celebrities share their story and a bit of their personal life. Reading their story and their struggle will inspire those who want to do something in life but something or someone impedes them.



Each and every turning point in history inspires us the most. Our mission is to make these turning points long lasting in the economic history of India. The purpose is to enlighten the nation with the spark of every entrepreneur and change maker.



A platform for the exchange of ideas and thoughts, Updated India constantly searches for answers, updates and glimpses of emerging trends in the economic world.




The purpose behind Updated India is to create a media and leadership platform across every genre and format that will bring all the ideas, talents and thoughts together to shape them up on a single platform.


Meet Us


Deepika Kabra

Founder, CEO

Deepika is graduated in Computer Science from the University of Delhi. Her creativity and enthusiasts to explore the world born as a writer in her. The only thing she believes is - Make It Large.

Mahima Gupta

Co Founder, Author

Mahima is graduated in Computer Science from the University of Delhi. She is always eager to try new things in life and follow them. The mantra on which she lives her life is 'keep it simple'.

Apoorv Sharma

SEO Manager, Chief Editor

Dreams of reading the book and going to place on this earth that is accessible, Apoorv has come so far. The only thing that he believes in is "You can do anything you want in life! All you need is COURAGE"