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Successful people always say that never give up. Do what you’re good at and eventually, you’ll succeed. Well, it’s the same with Sarah Bhatnagar who loves writing and by working hard, by learning from everything she wrote she has now become an Instagram star.

sarah bhatnagar

She runs an Instagram page named diary_of_a_wretched_soul of which’s bio is

I was lost, didn’t know which way to go. Words guided me home.

Let’s ask her about her journey:

When did you come to know that you have something related to writing?

I wrote my very first writing in class 11th, 5 years back. That time, I wasn’t really into it. However I always liked to write essays/diary entries in school life. 2 years back, I realized, I wanted to write after being inspired from micro fiction pages. So I started a page, And I confess, I was terrible at first, but then also, I never stopped writing. And this was how I improved.

What writing is to you?

diary of a wretched soul

If there is something I know the best about myself, is that I breathe writing. I love writing. It is something I want to do for years and years to come. This is something I am certain of. Writing is my escape. A blessing and every other good thing that exists.

What can be the best advice for one who is in the 20s now?

Don’t give up on something you like. We never succeed in the first try, but in several after it, Relating to Career and passion.

And when it comes to life, the best suggestion I can give is,

On several nights, you think that you won’t be able to make it/survive it. But several years down the lane, you’d look back, and see you survived. It’s all in your head that you wouldn’t survive. It will be hard, but it will be possible.

You have to survive for good things to come in life.

diary of a wretched soul

What is your perception of new generation writing and views?

The most common thing you’ll find in today’s writers’ writing is heartbreak and healing. The best thing is that, if not in person, they release it all in their writings. There are so many gems hiding in this world, who write amazingly well.

My Favourites

Book in the Shelf
Pride and prejudice

Movie/ TV Show 
Movie – Fault in our stars
TV show – Riverdale

Song You Love to Listen
All The old Taylor Swift songs.

My phone

Holiday Destination

What are your future plans?

I am planning to release my book of poetries, probably this year. I see myself doing something related to writing.

Nano Tales are in trend this days now. Do you really believe that few words can represent more?

Of course, that is the major difference between poetries and novels. Novels have no limit on words. But when it comes to poetries, you see limits. And how beautiful it is to have your feelings written in such a small space.

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What should be the last line of your Biography?

And she walked on, to roads she never went with a pen and paper.

Life in a Nutshell

Your Idol
Wilder Poetry

A thing you carry with you always
Water bottle, my phone, and my earphones.

Think that annoy you the most
Instagram’s dropping reach.

A word that describes you

Celebration means to you
Chilling, with no stress in your mind and no pending tasks.


diary of a wretched soul

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